About Me

Mistress Victoria Lash - Slapping spitting nipple play

Welcome to My website slave,
If you are looking for a REAL Lifestyle Pro - Fem-Domme experience you have come to the right place. I am now in Dubai, if you want to try a Real UK Mistress. I also have frequent travels to,Dubai, Bahrain, Greece, Cairo, Lebanon and Qatar.  Who knows maybe I will come to you where ever you are?   you have a great chance to be trained by a strict but caring Mistress, a Mistress with a smile or is it a smirk?  A Mistress so sweet... BUT AM I?  DON'T BE FOOLED, I KNOW WHAT I WANT AND I WANT IT NOW!!! Are you good enough?
Email me for a session info@victoria-lash.com
With a background as a Professional Dancer I have the most amazing legs as you can see from the pictures AND boy you must see what I can do with them...I have a dominant nature from a young age as I have traveled all over the world on my own for years and fear nothing. I know who I am and I know Where to get it!  I believe I was made to be worshiped in every way... Are you good enough to serve me???   I doubt it but I will train you!With my whip in hand and clamps all over you, you will obey my every whim.  I will humiliate you and treat you like the little worm you are... I will abuse you just because I want to and punish you for my entertainment.
Email me for a session info@victoria-lash.com

I will do as I please to you after all... your ass is Mine!   I own you! I will have my way and do whatever I feel like doing.  I don’t follow rules or fads,  I make it up as I go along with no taboo’s.I will push you to your limits and show mercy only when I want to.  I do however take your fantasy in to consideration and I play as hard or soft as you can take .....so of course you will love it!

If you are coming to Dubai or you are lucky enough to be in one of the places I will visit and are interested in having a real session with me then send an email explaining your fantasy and experience and I will decide what we do in the session.  Email me for a session info@victoria-lash.com

Contact me to meet and we will see how much of my precious time you want to take, so send me an email with your request and I will see if you are worthy of my attention.  I believe this is a relationship based on trust and sharing the same fantasies I put a lot of time into the preparing of the session and would like only serious people to apply .....no time wasters.  This is not a solution to prostitution so don’t insult me by asking me for sex services!!!!